Patient Testimonials

Bay Area Anesthesia and Dr. Thomas E. Lenhart are extremely proud to bring quality state-of-the-art anesthesia to your dentist’s office. Our focus is on uncompromising patient safety and care. We appreciate when patients and parents of our pediatric patients take the time to write letters telling us of their appreciation for the anesthesia services we provide.

We are pleased to share some of the hundreds of testimonials we have received after 23 years of serving the Bay Area & Central Valley:

  • … My special needs child is so afraid of needles that dental work is very traumatic, and close to impossible. This man set my son at ease and managed to create an environment of trust… It is so rare to find a man with a personality like this that will go to your dental office and take care of your child…” ~Ann, C. Oakdale, CA

  • “Dr Lenhart… is great with kids… He was very good at explaining everything to me… helped me to be comfortable with the treatment that my child was going to receive.  He takes great care to assure that he is with his patient the entire time, and he made clear that he is an advocate for your child, looking out for them as well during the procedure. The refund policy is very clear in his paperwork, and what is expected…” ~Pam, L. Fremont, CA
  • “…he goes well above and beyond to make you feel comfortable… He’s gentle and funny and takes a scary situation and makes it very comfortable. The evening after the visit, he called and texted, to insure I was doing well. I cannot recommend him any higher, as he is truly the best!” ~Richard, C. Union City
  • “…No one wants to see their baby go under anesthesia… but if you have to, you could not ask for it to go better than with Dr. Lenhart… called, personally, the night before the procedure to go over EVERYTHING… Asked about ALL potential risks. And reassured me about everything else. He was AMAZING in person with my 4 year old, and… also amazing with my husband and I after the procedure as far as getting us through the recovery period. Truly can’t say enough good about Dr. Lenhart.” ~Amanda S. Waterford, CA

  • “Dr. Tom Lenhart is an amazing anesthesiologist. Brittney is extremely helpful and courteous. Highly recommend!” ~Kels, M. Walnut Creek, CA

  • “Our family was very reluctant to put our 2 year old daughter under anesthesia for a dental surgery. We have never had experience with anesthesia for a child of such a young age… but Dr. Lenhart eased our concerns… and… cautiously takes the time to ensure our daughter was in a healthy state before he put her under anesthesia. He carefully reviewed her medical history to make sure he was fully aware of any potential complications during the operation. At first, we thought it was quite expensive since he doesn’t accept insurance, but he does accept CareCredit and major credit cards. Overall, Dr. Lenhart did an excellent job and it was worth every penny to know that our daughter was in great hands.” ~Chris T. Milpitas,  CA