Billing & Fees

BAY AREA ANESTHESIA, the dental anesthesia practice of Dr. Thomas E. Lenhart, offers your patients a simple payment structure. We require a minimum non-refundable deposit of $500 for children and $750 for adults prior to the date of the procedure. Prior to scheduling your patients anesthesia appointment, the patient paperwork including the financial agreement must be signed and accompanied with their deposit. This deposit covers the cost of medications, equipment, the setup and breakdown of the anesthesia treatment room, and the cost of the administration requirements required to coordinate your appointment between the anesthesiologist and dentist offices. We accept credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, CareCredit), Cashier’s Check, Money Order and/or cash. No checks accepted. (It is important for you to be informed that in order for us to ensure your patients greatest safety that failure to comply with eating and/or drinking instructions will result in the cancellation of the appointment and the forfeiture of their deposit.)

On the day of the anesthesia appointment, payment for anesthesia services are due in full. The cost of the anesthesia is determined as follows: Children — The first 30 minutes is billed at $600 and each additional 15 minutes is billed at $100. Adults — The first 30 minutes is $750 and each additional 15 minutes is billed at $125. The anesthetic time is defined as the point in time when the anesthesiologist begins his exam and/or administers medication through the first 30 minutes of recovery. If the anesthesia time exceeds the estimate, the patient/parent/guardian will be responsible for the additional fee. If the anesthesia time is less than the estimated time, the patient/parent/guardian will be charged based on the actual anesthesia time.


  • Child:  For 1 Hour 30 minutes of anesthesia = $600 (first 30 minutes) + $400 (the additional 60 minutes) = $1000 is the total charge.
  • Adult:  For 1 Hour 30 minutes of anesthesia = $750 (first 30 minutes) + $500 (the additional 60 minutes) = $1250 is the total charge.

Insurance Information

It is important that reimbursement for the anesthesia fee by dental and/or medical programs NOT be assumed. We asked that your patient please check with his/her dental and/or medical insurance company representative as to the benefits included. BAY AREA ANESTHESIA, Dr Thomas E. Lenhart, does not bill insurance carriers directly, nor do we accept Medicaid, Medicare, or TRICARE. We are happy to assist patients in obtaining the maximum reimbursement allowed by their insurance carrier, if applicable. Dr. Thomas E Lenhart will be delighted to provide your patient with an “Anesthesia Statement of Services Form” at the end of their appointment so that they can submit this to their insurance company.